The Crowd team — Justen, Justin and Shihab — looked through the four Crowd entries and selected our first and second place winners.

First Place

First place and $4,000 goes to the Crowd JAAS Login Module by Brad Harvey. The Crowd team was very impressed by the quality of this submission. The archietcture was smart, and the coding was very well done. They writem, “This is a excellent example of how to write a quality plugin component. It gets a perfect score for the completeness of it’s implementation . And JAAS sign-on is good idea that will be useful to a lot of people.”

Second Place

Second place and $1,000 goes to the .Net Authenticator by Matthew Slater. This integration extends Crowd’s reach into .Net applications. There are huge numbers of custom .Net applications out there inside corporations, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the single-sign-on nirvana that Crowd provides to Java apps. This plugin opens up that possibility. As the team wrote, “Hugely useful, and well done.”
Congratulations to both winners. And stay tuned for tomorrow’s announcement of the winners in the Jira category.

Codegeist Winners: Crowd