Just a quick note to say thanks to the folks who showed up at the Codegeist meetup last week. It was a great meeting some users. And I had a blast working on a couple of plugins.
Mike and Rajendra wrote the Plugin Info Plugin, which lists all the installed and enabled plugins and macros for Confluence users to see. I spent my time on a gtalk presence macro, which I hope to release later this week. And we spent a lot of time talking about single sign-on works with Confluence and Jira.
If you don’t live in San Francisco or Sydney, don’t worry: there’s still an opportunity for you to get some live help from the Atlassian Developers. We’re going to be hosting a Developer Chat next week. You’ll be able to pop by and ask questions about any plugin you may be working on. Watch this space for details.

Codegeist Meetup Wrapup; Developer Chat next week