UPDATE: corrected the closing time. It’s 1pm PST, not 11am PST.
Just a quick note to remind everyone that Codegeist III closes this Friday, May 9th at 1pm PST. We’ve had a tremendous response so far: forty-one plugins! Go check out all the terrific entries. And if you’re a user — there’s no reason that you can’t start using these plugins yourselves right now! Developers, there are still a few days to get your entries posted and get feedback on your plugin. As many of the people who posted early have found, a few beta testers can be very valuable!
If you’ve already posted your entry, you might use these final days to polish your plugin homepage, your documentation and your tests. We’ll use the homepages to understand what your plugin does — so it’s in your interest to make it as attractive and enticing as possible. Tell us why your plugin is great, and why we should find it useful. And be sure to add lots of screenshots! (Don’t forget Skitch!).
As always, if you have questions or if I can help out with anything, please get in touch. I can’t wait to see all of the Codegeist entries on Friday!

Codegeist III closes Friday!