It’s that time of the year again! Atlassian is kicking off Codegeist II, our second annual plugin competition. We’re putting up twice as much money this year — $20k in cash prizes — and have lined up a selection of fine products for your enjoyment.

In general, the same rules as last year apply — teams of one to three people, enter as often as you like, submissions must be BSD-licensed. However, there have been a few changes:
Since last year, Atlassian’s product line has doubled with the addition of Crowd and Bamboo. So we’ve arranged the contest in four categories, one for each product. We’ll select the best plugins for each product. (If your plugin works with more than one product — which would be very cool, by the way — you should select which category to enter.) There is a $4,000 first prize and a $1,000 runner-up for each category.
The other major change is that we’re expanding the playing field. Last year, your submission had to be an actual plugin that ran inside of Confluence or Jira. In the year since, we’ve seen some really interesting products developed that interact with one of ours. Things like the Jira Client, the Jira/Salesforce Integration (1, 2), and the GreenPepper testing tool. This year, we decided to encourage and accept innovative software that works with our products instead of inside our products.
The contest runs for six weeks and concludes May 13th. During the course of the contest, we’re going to be running developer chats once a week using our Wildfire chat server. And we’re planning to do some in-person meetups in our SF and Sydney offices. (If you’d like to sponsor a meetup in some other part of the world, please let me know.) More details to come on that.
You’ll find all the details on the Codegeist space on And stay tuned to the Atlassian Developer Blog for updates. The game’s afoot!

Codegeist II is here