code review.pngIn a previous blog we discussed how Jira can integrate with Crucible to link code reviews to issues. There were several comments on that post asking how to incorporate code reviews into the Jira workflow.
A comment by Siri Vias Khalsa from Verifi explained how he has tackled code reviews and workflow:

We have Crucible reviews integrated into our Jira workflow. Add a condition to the transition going out of the “Review” stage that wont allow you to progress until you created reviews for all commits on the ticket and have closed all of the reviews.
When the developer commits code to svn they are required to enter a valid Jira ticket number (Jira Commit Acceptance plugin). This is processed by Fisheye and then Jira can look up the commits for a ticket (Jira Fisheye plugin). The user clicks on a link in the “Source” tab of the Jira ticket to create a Crucible review. When the review(s) are completed for all of the commits, the user can complete the step.

What is needed for some of the integration mentioned above?

  • Install Jira, Fisheye, and Crucible
  • Integrate Jira, Fisheye and Crucible using the Fisheye Plugin

Not sure how to get these applications integrated? Check out the documentation for detailed instructions on integrating Jira, Fisheye, and Crucible.

Code Reviews and Jira Workflows

Customize your workflow to include one of the (little known) conditions available with the Fisheye Plugin integration with Jira – which also enables Crucible integration.
Condition: transition in the workflow will not move forward if there are any open Crucible code reviews.
Condition: transition will not move forward if there are any changesets associated with the issue that have not been reviewed.
For those of you that use Fisheye:
Condition: transition moves forward only if code has been committed against the issue (or not – depending on configuration).
Give it a test run and let us know what you think.

Code reviews and the Jira workflow