The planning process for Confluence 2.2 reminded me that one of the quirky things I love about all technology companies is the strange way they choose their codenames and naming schemes.
At university, I can still recall that all our machines were all named after classical composers (Mozart, Liszt, Bach…). At my previous firm, the local machines were all Muppets – of course our two local servers were Beaker and Bunsen. I know or have heard of firms who use Star Wars planets, famous scientists, rock supergroups and even characters from Buffy.
At Atlassian, we have various schemes for codenames. Our servers in the US are all named after Greek gods (Zeus, Bacchus, Hecate, Dionysus…), our local machines are all named after Aussie beers (Squire, Boags, Resches, Dogbolter, Matilda…) and in the Confluence team our releases are named after Aussie rivers. With a “confluence” being the merging point of two rivers, this naming scheme is actually the only one that has relevance!
While we (being good Australians) are more than able to name 40 Australian beers, we are more than a little geographically challenged – thus we have a list of “Australian rivers to last us the next 50 releases” stored on our intranet which we dip into for new releases.
h2. Confluence Code Name History
For reference and posterity, here are the recent releases (kudos to anyone in the Confluence community who could name all of these):
* 1.0 – Murray (the biggest river in Australia)
* 1.1 – Nymboida (because Mike went on a rafting safari there)
* 1.2 – Swan (maybe because Charles is from WA?)
* 1.3 – Murrumbidgee
* 1.4 – Hunter
* 1.5/2.0 – Yarra
* 2.1 – Bogan (because it’s a damn fine word)
* 2.2 – Shoalhaven
* atlassian-user branch – Leichardt
However since Charles took over the technical leadership of Confluence, we’ve gone beyond simple codenames in our release planning. We now have photos and quotes associated with each release, which I thought it might be interesting to share.
h3. Yarra Masterplan (1.5/2.0)

“How will this software get my users laid” should be on the minds of anyone writing social software. – Jamie Zawinski

h3. Bogan Masterplan (2.1)

“Watersports, fishing and just plain relaxing can be enjoyed on the mighty Bogan River.” – Outback Beds

h3. Shoalhaven Masterplan (2.2)

“Prepare ship for ludicrous speed! Fasten all seatbelts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the three ring circus, secure all animals in the zoo!” – Spaceballs

I hope this was a little insight into the crazy/brilliant minds in the Confluence development team 🙂 What do you use for your naming schemes?

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