I’ve been a little bit quieter than usual lately, as I’ve been hard at work on the Atlassian Plugin system. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks fixing bugs and adding a new feature. The new feature will have to wait for a bit, but most of the bugfixes came out last week with Confluence 2.2.1a. But in case your don’t obsessively read our release notes the instant they hit the wire, I thought I’d mention the fixes on here on the dev blog, as they are really only useful to Plugin Developers.

  • Component plugins are now correctly unregistered when they are removed. CONF-4041.
  • Plugins may now contain and reference dependent jar files. (Thanks to Dan Hardiker of Adaptavist for the patch.) PLUG-8.
  • Installing an older version of an already-installed plugin no longer causes an error. PLUG-12.
  • Removing an uploaded plugin no longer causes it to be deactivated the next time it is installed. PLUG-13.

Also, there is at least one more fix coming in Confluence 2.2.2:

  • Servlet plugins will now unload correctly. CONF-6176.

Hopefully these changes will make your plugin-developing life easier. If you run into any other problems with the plugin system, you can file bugs in the PLUG project. (Bugs will good test-cases will hopefully be fixed quickly. Bugs with patches attached will be fixed even faster.) Happy coding!

Bug fixes galore