Campers, the wait for the AtlasCamp 2010 talk videos is over. Today we’re pleased to announced all AtlasCamp 2010 videos are online! Below we’ve highlighted Scott’s keynote along with the first two talks.

Keynote and State of Atlassian – Scott Farquhar

Scott gives us an update on the State of Atlassian, highlighting news and accomplishments such as:

  • Atlassian raises $60M in a series A financing round lead by Accel Partners
  • Atlassian acquires Bitbucket to expand SaaS offering and bring DVCS services to dev teams
  • Atlassian’s $10 start licenses have raised $700,000 for Room to Read
  • An Atlassian plugin is installed on average once every 30 seconds

The Atlassian Plugin SDK for Fun & Profit – Ben Speakmon

Ben walks us through the Atlassian plugin SDK, showing us how it can be used to more quickly and effectively build plugins for Atlassian’s products. Highlights include:

  • The SDK lets a developer start and install a new plugin with a simple command, atlas-run
  • Creating a new plugin with the SDK requires no configuration for development
  • The SDK allows for on-the-fly code changes, shortening the refresh time between making a change and seeing that change in the product
  • The SDK creates development environments with pre-configured Maven

Implementing a customer Jira UI using plugins 2.0 – Andreas Knecht

Andreas shows us how to create an iPhone-enabled web frontend for Jira using Atlassian plugins 2.0, complete with lots of code examples.

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