SAN FRANCISCO – An Apple MacBook Air, running a pre-release version of Atlassian Confluence 3.5, was found at a local coffee bar in San Francisco’s Mission District this week. The ‘Air’ was later returned to its rightful owner, an Atlassian Developer and avid Flat White Drinker, but not before a picture was taken of the screen’s contents.

Firefox Macbook Jira Issues.png

Here is a detailed account of how the MacBook Air was lost:

The Coffee Bar. A nice place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, sandwich and even a Flat White. And if you’re an Atlassian Software Engineer – whom we will leave unnamed – it’s also a nice place to lose the next-generation release of Confluence 3.5.

On the day of March 7th, he was enjoying the fine imported beans and delectable sandwiches of Coffee Bar. With each sip, the edge of his morning faded and he was becoming happy again. After all, nothing cures a Monday morning like an excessively stiff brew.

The place was great. The coffee was excellent. "I underestimated how good Pluot Ginger Scones are," he typed into the status of the next-generation Confluence release he was testing. It was his last status update from the secret instance of Confluence and would be the last time he would see the computer, until a Coffee Bar employee kindly returned it to his office two hours later.

It was a simple mistake in the middle of a caffeine-celebration. Something that anyone, from Mike Cannon-Brookes to Scott Farquhar, could have done. Whether it was the scones or the Flat White, this developer made a mistake that tarnished the integrity of Atlassian’s impenetrable release security.

Now you have an idea of what’s in store for you beyond the powerful Administrator features, new Space Directory, small improvements in Confluence 3.5. Coming very soon!

Are you excited for Confluence 3.5?

Breaking News: Pre-release of Confluence 3.5 "found in bar"