We met with one of our partners this week who complained — in a good way — that he couldn’t keep up with all our blog posts. Indeed, these days we are publishing more posts per week than we used to publish in a month. I suppose, then, that it doesn’t help that I’m publishing our bi-weekly roundup of blogs, but here it is:
Introducing Fourwalls – a new location-based service for developers. Hard to believe, but we have a new product. Most of our products are focused on the what, but this one is focused on the where. Read more.
The “experts” recommend Jira and GreenHopper. A few months ago, an interesting question appeared on the LinkedIn discussions for the Agile Alliance: Any recommended tools for Agile and Scrum based software development? Read more.
Confluence 3.2 was released last month. We wrote two blogs about the newest version of Confluence. Confluence page editing just got a lot faster and Faster intuitive linking.
(Case Study) Zynga On Game Development Tools. Micah Figone, QA Manager at Zynga, was kind enough to sit with us for an hour to discuss their use of Atlassian’s bug tracking, agile project management, Perforce integration, and peer code review tools. Read more.
Desktop Jira Client: Take Your Bug Tracking Offline. This guest post by Igor Sereda and Mike Butorin from ALM Works highlights the Jira Client add-on, a desktop client for Atlassian Jira. Read more.
Converting Cats into Dogs. I thought I’d post about a development problem which seems to occur very often, and often frustrates me. Often we come across a situation where we need to pass an object to something, and the object we have is of a different type. Read more.
Using Jira Studio & Google Apps For Collaborative Development. With Jira Studio for Google Apps, you get the world’s best set of hosted development tools combined with the power of Google’s online business applications: mail, calendar, documents and more. Read more.

Bi-weekly blog roundup – foolish April edition