There were so many Atlassian blogs these past couple weeks, it was really hard coming up with the few to “roundup,” but here they are:
Managing projects in the real world with Jira. Kim Bryant, NPR, gets her “geek on” by diving into the nitty gritty details of how uses Jira to manage daily activities.Read more.
Join Atlassian! News about our recruitment efforts. We’ve been on a hiring campaign to find 32 of the best and brightest people to join our team. In the spirit of being an open company, no bullshit, here are a few details of how it’s going so far. Read more.
Fisheye & Crucible 2.2 Released – Now with Git and ClearCase! The Fisheye & Crucible team is pleased to announce that Fisheye 2.2 and Crucible 2.2 are now available for download. These releases continue to build on the UI introduced in 2.0 and refined in 2.1. Read more.
Skin your wiki. One of the great things about Confluence is the flexibility and control it gives you over its look and feel. You’ve got a pretty good set of options right out of the box, from making simple changes like changing the colour scheme, applying a custom stylesheet to a space, or even installing a custom theme. Read more.
Ad hoc Jira installation package for Ubuntu. It’s not a true package, but Ivar Abrahamsen has put together a page explaining how he made a shell script for Ubuntu that does all the Jira installation work for you. Read more.
22 topic ideas for Summit 2010 presentations. Not coming up with any good ideas for what to present at Atlassian Summit? Here are 22 great ideas. Read more.
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