We recently installed the latest Bamboo Code Coverage plugin on our internal Bamboo build box for Jira. This plugin was contributed via our Codegeist competition. After using it for a little while I have to say it’s an incredibly useful tool.
The coverage tests run once a week. Currently this only accesses unit test coverage, but I’m looking at getting a Bamboo plan setup that records the combined coverage of unit and functional tests. The plugin provides a nice overview of everything that’s changed in since the last run:
Looks like there’s a bit of a problem with the JiraWebInterfaceManager.

A quick glance at the “Changes” tab in Bamboo revealed the check-in that caused this drop in test coverage:
Just to confirm, the “Coverage deltas per Author” report for the last 7 days showed that it was most likely one of my check-ins that caused this:
So what’s not covered? A quick view of the cobertura report (accessible via the “Artifacts” tab in Bamboo) shows me exactly, which lines are not covered by any tests:
I’m currently the test champion for Jira which means I need to know that we’re not reducing coverage of existing code (unless there’s a good reason) and that all new code has the appropriate tests written for it. This plugin allows me to see all that information on a single page!
Err…I just need to write some test for the JiraWebInterfaceManager now…

Bamboo has Jira covered