In a previous protip post we showed how you can open a file in Eclipse or IntelliJ from your Fisheye source code viewer or Crucible code review tool.
Atlassian’s tools have many more useful integrations points, which can be enabled by following the Here Be Dragons integration guide.
One of the most useful integrations is to connect your Bamboo continuous integration server with Fisheye to view the code changes that triggered a build.
Bamboo provides fast feedback on the changes to your source code. When a build fails due to a compilation error or failed test, the following steps usually happen:

  • Bamboo sends a notification about the failure via IM, email, RSS or IDE pop-up window.
  • Developers click on the link in the notification to view the detailed build result
  • Build failure analysis begins to address the following questions: Who broke the build? Why did it break? What changed to cause the failure?

With Bamboo and Fisheye integrated you can explore the failed build and jump directly into the changeset that broke the build. In Fisheye, view the history of that changeset to see what the author was trying to fix, take advantage of the the side-by-side diff view to analyze the change and then open the correct files in Eclipse or IntelliJ.
Check out this short clip to get an idea of how this all works together.

Let us know if you have any questions on this integration or any Atlassian developer tool integrations!

Protip: Bamboo continuous integration linked with Fisheye source code