Bamboo 2.6 – Growing the Bamboo Forest

The Atlassian Bamboo team is excited to announce the release of Bamboo 2.6. The focus of this release is scaling your Continuous Integration (CI) effort – more plans, more builds.

100 remote agents

bamboo-scale-remote-agents.pngWe have improved Bamboo’s scalability so you can now build more plans simultaneously on up to 100 remote agents. Previously Bamboo only supported up to 25 remote agents.
With this dramatic increase in remote agents we also made some changes to the user interface to make it easier to manage your builds:

  • Administration console – builders and JDKs are now grouped by their labels.
  • Bamboo-continuous-integration-queue-1.pngDrag and drop – re-order builds in the queue with the ease of drag and drop.
  • Remote agents tabs – online and offline remote agents are now separate tabs.
  • Tooltips – improved tooltips on agents when specifying the capability requirements of a plan.

Dynamic Elastic Agents

Run Bamboo in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with more control by automatically managing the usage of the elastic instances. There are several flexible options which can be customized to your choosing:

  • Default – balance the queue clearance rates.
  • Aggressive – increase build queue clearance rates but with higher elastic instance usage (higher costs).
  • Passive – decrease elastic instance usage but with lower build queue clearance rates (lower costs).


Automated Grails and Clover integration

Bamboo now offers continuous integration capabilities for Grails developers for their Groovy code.
Also, Java and Groovy development teams using Clover, our code coverage and test optimization tool, can already integrate with Bamboo build plans with Clover through one-click integration. We now offer one-click code coverage to Grails developers for there Groovy code. Easily run clover reports for Groovy directly from Bamboo.

Revamped Bamboo Dashboard

bamboo-continuous-integration-activity-stream-1.png The “Current Activity” tab on the Bamboo Dashboard has be redesigned to include “better” activity streams and easier ways to manage builds.
The “Recent Activity” section, which shows activity streams of your build activity, now shows build comments on the dashboard. Hover over any build result and click on the comment “bubble” to provide an inline comment directly from the dashboard.
Administrators now have the option of using the “Queue” section to re-order their builds with the ease of drag-and-drop.
Also, the “Building” section now provide more information about the current builds that are running including an estimate of time remaining.

Over 140 improvements and fixes

  • Performance
User interface
  • Security

Read the full release notes for Bamboo 2.6 or download now.

Deep Dive

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be doing a deep dive on some of the new features in Bamboo 2.6, so subscribe to the Developer Tools Product Blog, if you are not already, and stay tuned!

Get it today

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Bamboo 2.6 released – 100 remote agents, improved dashboard