Bamboo 2.3 has just been released and is available for immediate download. This release expands support for scaling your continuous integration (CI) build system into the Amazon EC2 cloud, and makes it easier to manage complex builds as your team’s use of CI grows. New features and enhancements include:

  • Improved Amazon EC2 Support, including multiple AMI support, reserved instances, and agent scheduling
  • Dependent Build Blocking Strategies enable smarter build configurations and ensure your builds run in the right order.
  • Build Queue Re-ordering allows you to run high priority builds first in order to get important feedback as quickly as possible.
  • Bulk Editing of Build Plans allows you to reconfigure some or all of your build plans at once.
  • Over 80 other enhancements and bug fixes
  • Download Bamboo 2.3 Today or check out the Bamboo 2.3 release notes.

    See Elastic Bamboo In Use at Genologics

    Want to learn more about Bamboo 2.3 and see how a customer is using Amazon EC2 for scalable continuous integration? Join us on Wednesday, August 19th at 8AM PDT (3:00 PM GMT) for a webinar featuring Dylan Hansen of Genologics. He will demonstrate how Bamboo and Amazon EC2 have helped his team easily scale their build system.

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    Bamboo 2.3 is Available – See Elastic Bamboo in Action!