automated-build.pngPreviously I discussed how Jira can integrate with Crucible for code reviews (part 1) and Fisheye for source control integration (part 2). In this post I’ll show you how Jira can fit into your Bamboo continuous integration build process.

Builds and Issues

Continuous integration provides fast feedback to developers about the impact of code changes by running builds and tests every time changes are committed to your source control system. Bamboo is an easy-to-use continuous integration server that can build and test applications created in any programming language.
Integrate your Jira bug tracking system with Bamboo and you can quickly see every build that included the source code relating to an issue.

Integrate Jira and Bamboo

Connecting Bamboo and Jira enables you to:

  • Link builds to issues and issues to builds – get a detailed view of which issues are linked to completed builds and which issues are being worked on.
  • Monitor your build status in Jira Dashboards – easily track the status of your builds for a project or get a summary of a build plan using gadgets in Jira or any OpenSocial container.
  • Identify what build fixed a Jira issue – jump to the build that fixed a Jira issue in one-click and explore the source code changes that triggered the build.

automated-build-issue-fix.png automated-build-dashboard.png

Jira Integration (Part 3): Integrate Bamboo builds with Jira issues