SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE) — Atlassian has announced the release of Crucible 2, its lightweight peer code review tool, which introduces iterative code review along with a host of other usability improvements. Crucible is a code review tool that allows software development teams to establish an effective, distributed process for conducting one of the key components of successful agile.
Since code review is typically an iterative process — you code, someone else comments, you code again, more comments.. etc. — Crucible 2 allows you to easily incorporate code revisions into the review process. Simple navigation let’s you step through code changes and/or comments, tracking what has been read and reviewed, letting you easily compare any number of revisions along the way. Crucible’s goal is to make the code review process as easy as email; ideally, something you do for about 10-15 minutes everyday. For developers using Jira, integrating Crucible into your issue tracking provides further insight into the status and quality of your development tasks.
As Atlassian CEO, Mike Cannon-Brookes, explains, “For code review to be effective, it has to be something so easy that developers don’t feel distracted by the process. Adding iterative reviews and tight Jira integration to Crucible 2 has been awesome for us since it fits with our daily routines.”
What’s new in Crucible 2:

  • Iterative reviews – Code reviews are inherently iterative. Crucible 2 incorporates new revisions into a review eliminating the need to manually link multiple reviews.
  • Revision slider – Use new revision slider to view diffs of any two versions of a file with annotated source and in-line comments.
  • Tracking where you have been – As you review code changes and comments, Crucible automatically marks them as read or reviewed.
  • Suggested reviewers – Creating reviews is even easier since Crucible suggests potential reviewers to you based on code the revision history of the changed files and the current workload of available reviewers.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Complete reviews in no time using keyboard shortcuts to step through changes and comments one by one.
  • Jira integration – Crucible suggests related Jira issues for one-click linking, and new defects can be added as subtasks just as easily. Completing reviews will automatically resolve and close the issue subtasks without having to switch context.
  • Fisheye integration – Leverage Fisheye’s repository browser and search capabilities to add files to a review. Dive into revision histories and view code reviews as part of your activity stream.
  • Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA integration – With Atlassian IDE Connectors for both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, you can complete code reviews without ever leaving your workbench.

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Atlassian Releases Crucible 2 – Introducing Iterative Code Review