I am excited to announce that after three months of working with some of the greatest people to transition Authentisoft into Atlassian, Crowd is now available for download.
Crowd seamless provides integrated logins across Jira, Confluence and the upcoming Bamboo products, as well as other enterprise applications like Fisheye and Jive’s Forums and Wildfire. Crowd also supports anything you want to connect it to. Out of the box there is a simple to use Java API that gives you authentication (SSO) and authorization support.
You can combine together multiple directories such as your employee LDAP server and customer DB into a single view for an application. For example, when you say get all users it will return everyone from both directories as a single dataset. The application mapping features of the application support an unlimited number of directories, or you can import all of your users from your standalone application into a single repository. The flexibility is up to you and and how you need to position your data.
As part of the marketing launch, we are offering 30% off the product up until the 1.0 release which is going to be January 9th, 2007. As with all Atlassian products you will get one year of upgrades and support included.

Atlassian makes available Crowd