Faster user experience, improved Scrum and Kanban support assist developers from concept to launch
San Francisco, CA (BusinessWire) June 10, 2010 — Atlassian announced the availability of GreenHopper 5, its agile project management and planning tool. The latest release offers tighter integration with Atlassian Jira and includes improved capabilities for Scrum and Kanban practitioners.
GreenHopper works in conjunction with Jira to offer software engineers a complete application for planning, managing, tracking and collaborating on agile project plans.
“GreenHopper has rapidly become one of our best-selling products because of its integration with Jira, ease of use, and flexible nature,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and CEO at Atlassian. “It can be used by strict Scrum and Kanban developers, yet it’s flexible and customizable enough to fit into any agile workflow.”
Customer & Market Validation
Atlassian has seen tremendous growth for GreenHopper since the product was acquired in June 09. The number of agile software development teams using GreenHopper grown from 900 to over 10,700 in less than a year.
What’s new in GH5

  • Simple, fast user experience: A cleaner, more simple UI makes for a tightly integrated experience for Jira users who see their agile stories in the context of all of their other issue types (bugs, enhancements, etc). Reduced clutter makes navigation simple, while usability improvements throughout make GreenHopper faster than ever to use.
  • Scrum improvements: Among the many scrum features, GreenHopper 5 speeds backlog management and planning sessions by expanding inline editing to all fields on all views. Large backlogs can now be quickly prioritised as drag and drop support has been extended to the pagination. New project templates enable users to add scrum planning to any project in just seconds.
  • Kanban improvements: GreenHopper 5 improves support for kanban allowing users to set both minimum and maximum column constraints to help identify spare capacity or bottlenecks in any workflow.

Adoption and availability

GreenHopper is used for agile project management and development in 80 countries around the globe — across Fortune 1000, government, education, finance and technology sectors.
GreenHopper 5 can be downloaded at
About Atlassian

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Atlassian launches GreenHopper 5 and announces 10,000+ Agile Developer Customers