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In case you didn’t hear, Atlassian has made a big first investment in another company: Cloud9, a SaaS-based IDE platform. SaaS for software development, or if you want to get fancy, DaaS — development as a service — is growing fast. No longer just for open source projects, SaaS tools, be it code hosting or bug tracking, are quickly gaining traction by commercial organizations looking to take advantage of the low cost and minimal (as in zero) infrastructure of hosted offerings.

Last September, we purchased Bitbucket, a hosted DVCS provider, and last Tuesday it was announced that Atlassian and Accel Partners invested $5.5 million in Cloud9. Accel invested $60 million in Atlassian, our first-ever financing, last year.

What’s Cloud9?
Cloud9 is a SaaS-based IDE with teams in Amsterdam and San Francisco. It does all the snazzy things you’d expect an IDE to do — run, debug and deploy your applications — and way more: integration to Bitbucket and Github, chat, team collaboration to allow people to work together simultaneously on the same project with full read & write access, and other killer collaboration features. (We announced earlier this month the integration between Bitbucket and Cloud9.)

With the explosion of development in JavaScript and HTML5, Cloud9 IDE is a great way for devs to start cranking. And support for Python, Ruby and PHP are on the way. Cloud9 gives devs a new ay to develop: access, edit, and share projects anywhere, anytime, to build, test, debug, and deploy web and mobile applications. In a word: awesome.

Pop the Champagne
This investment is a natural next step for us as we expand into the DaaS market. We’re stoked to be a part of what’s sure to be a massive ride as DaaS continues to grow in the private sector. Cloud9 supports public projects for free and has a low full-featured version for just $15/month — give it a try for free.

Read the full press release or the Cloud9 blog post.

Atlassian invests in Cloud9 IDE