SAP has become one of the world’s leading big brands because of its powerful business software and deep knowledge of the enterprise. StreamWork is a collaboration tool that brings people and teams together to provide an additional layer of results, made even more powerful because of the new integration with Jira and Confluence. Now StreamWork users have the ability to make Confluence and Jira a part of their StreamWork activity, creating a better user experience and ultimately increasing the speed and efficiency of making decisions with StreamWork and Atlassian products. We’re excited to share this news because we believe StreamWork is a powerful collaboration tool for larger, cross-functional projects.

The integration is made possible by OpenSocial, an integration technology StreamWork and Atlassian have committed to support. OpenSocial is implemented as a consumer-producer model, where one software product can produce OpenSocial gadgets consumable by another software product. We’ll outline a few Atlassian gadgets that can be embedded in StreamWork.

Jira: Component Pie Charts, Issue Graphs, and more

StreamWork users can now embed several different Jira gadgets within a StreamWork activity. For example, the ratio of created and resolved tickets might be interesting for a dev management team to understand their teams efficiency.


The breakdown of issues by component might help a product management team understand which components need the most resources given the amount of tickets in each component.


Confluence: Activity Streams and Content Search

StreamWork users can now embed an activity stream, either for a single space or for all spaces, in an activity. Confluence’s activity stream gadget will enable StreamWork users to see recent changes made in Confluence, ultimately providing more context around a given activity.


Confluence content can also be searched and browsed from within StreamWork, allowing users to find relevant wiki pages without leaving StreamWork.


Installing Atlassian Gadgets in StreamWork

To install Atlassian’s OpenSocial gadgets in StreamWork, have your StreamWork org admin click Developers -> upload OpenSocial gadgets -> Method Registration -> Register OpenSocial Gadget. You’ll be prompted for a Gadget description, which should be a URL. Atlassian tools provide several different gadgets. Follow the instructions here to pick which gadget you’re interested in and copy-paste the gadget URL into the StreamWork “Gadget description field.” Click the “Load” button. On the next screen, fill in the appropriate gadget details, and finally click “Submit.”

Once your org admin has added the appropriate gadgets, end users can click Tools Catalog -> Partner Tools and select the gadgets they’re interested in adding.

Please let us know via a comment if you have any questions about the integration. Otherwise, we hope this integration will help you all be more productive :).

Atlassian Integration with SAP StreamWork