We’re planning two meetups for Atlassian developers in the near future: one in Sydney and one in San Francisco.
This is a chance to get together in the Atlassian offices for pizza, beer and, if you are so inclined, coding. We’re making ourselves available to help developers with their Codegeist plugins. Drop by the office, bring a laptop, and we’ll spend some time working with you on your entry. You provide the ideas, we’ll provide the wifi.
Even if you’re not working on a Codegeist entry, you’re still welcome to come by, share a pint and just hang out with some of the Atlassian crew. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired.
The Sydney Atlassian Meetup (co-sponsored with SyXPAC)

The San Francisco Atlassian Meetup

Here’s a Confluence page about the meetups. If you’re planning on attending, add your name to the list.

Atlassian Codegeist Meetups