Someone recently delicioused Michael Ogawa’s code_swarm project. It provides neat little visualisations of all the commits to a source code repository, focussing on interactions between all the different committers.
It turned out to be quite easy to create a Jira code swarm. The project is open source with some pretty good instructions. It uses the processing framework to generate visualisations. I made some quick modifications to add images for committers (if available) and stop them from overlapping too much. Here’s the history of Jira:

Each of the particles represents a file that was committed. The particules will hover around the author that committed them. Particles are also colour coded:

  • Blue particles – JSPs & VM files
  • Green particles – Anything under **/test/*
  • Red particles – *.java & **/src/*
  • Turquoise particles – image files

[Charles]( was kind enough to create a video for Confluence (using the original code swarm project):

Atlassian Code Storm