SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE) — Atlassian today announced the release of Bamboo 2.3, the latest version of its continuous integration (CI) server with cloud computing support.
Bamboo automatically builds and tests code changes as they are committed, giving developers fast feedback so bugs don’t pile up. Bamboo 2.3 introduces improved support for running “elastic build agents” in the Amazon EC2 cloud, leveraging the latest EC2 improvements to speed build times and cut operating costs.
“Bamboo lets teams run their first CI build within minutes,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, CEO of Atlassian. “Bamboo makes it easy to scale your CI system on-premises or in the Amazon EC2 cloud, and it integrates with the tools and processes that people are already using.”
Bamboo 2.3 now enables:

Faster, Cheaper Builds in the Amazon EC2 Cloud: Bamboo users can now select the EC2 availability zone where elastic agents will run, resulting in faster start-up times, less data transfer cost, and the option to create highly-available build farms spread across multiple availability zones.
Lower Elastic Agent Hourly Costs: Bamboo users can take advantage of the new EC2 reservations feature, which can reduce costs through lower hourly usage fees. Elastic build agents can be scheduled to launch then shut down based on known peaks in the demand for builds.
Flexibility in Scaling: Bamboo agent images can be customized to enable builds and tests to run using multiple elastic image configurations, with different operating systems, software, CPU levels, etc.
Prioritize Urgent Builds First: With Build queue re-ordering, urgent builds can be moved to the top of the queue in a single click, while less urgent builds can be demoted to run when resources are free.
Easier Build Plan Management: Users can easily manage tens or hundreds of build plans at once using Bamboo’s bulk editing features.
Bamboo is used by nearly 1000 customers in over 45 countries including: Motorola, Cisco, Mazda, BNP Paribas, Hilton Hotels and Apache Tapestry. Using Bamboo in the cloud requires an Amazon Web Services account which can be easily obtained at Visit for more information and a free 30-day evaluation of Bamboo.
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Atlassian Bamboo Advances Support for Continuous Integration in the Cloud