Last week’s AtlasCamp 2010 videos post was about Active Objects, functional and integration testing, and easy Confluence macros. Today we’re highlighting three new videos: Marketing Your Plugin, Jira Plugin Performance Tuning, and Understanding the Atlassian Platform. We’ll conclude highlights for the AtlasCamp 2010 videos next week. Happy holidays!

Marketing Your Plugin – Alex Loddengaard (me)

Commercial plugin development teams in the Atlassian ecosystem are often composed solely of engineers and product managers. Having come from a software engineer background, I can understand how marketing can be foreign. In this talk I hoped to shine light on areas of marketing that our ecosystem can focus on, to try and drive more plugin installations. Highlights include:

  • Define a sales funnel to measure and understand how a user becomes a customer
  • Think critically about title, h1, and meta tags for SEO purposes
  • Get your plugin on
  • Create a video that highlights your plugin’s features
  • Make your products as easy to evaluate as possible

Jira Plugin Performance Tuning – Alex Hennecke

Alex talks about all things performance for Jira plugins. He walks us through the importance of performance, profiling, and performance pitfalls to help each of you build a faster Jira plugin. Highlights include:

  • Add JProfiler options to to properly profile your plugin’s backend
  • Use dynaTrace in Internet Explorer to profile your frontend
  • HitCollector is much more performant than JQL to query for data
  • CSS selectors must be used correctly to help with Internet Explorer performance

Understanding the Atlassian Platform – Tim Petterson

Tim walks us through the Atlassian Platform and all of its features, including REST, Atlassian User Interface (AUI), plugin framework, and all other parts of the platform. Highlights include:

  • REST is the easiest way to query for data from Atlassian products
  • AUI provides a framework for quickly making consistent UIs
  • Custom module types provide more flexibility
  • Atlassian Template Renderer (ATR) makes HTML templates easy and fast
  • The Shared Application Layer (SAL) provides tons of functionality for cron jobs, data storage, upgrading, and more

AtlasCamp 2010: Marketing Your Plugin, Jira Plugin Performance, Understanding the Atlassian Platform