In early October Atlassian engineers and plugin developers gathered in Half Moon Bay, California for our anual AtlasCamp get-together. We recently announced the AtlasCamp 2010 videos, and today we’re highlighting three of the talks given at AtlasCamp. Stay tuned for more highlights in the coming weeks.

Macro Migration Guide for Confluence 4.0 – Ryan Thomas

Ryan gives us an overview of what’s to come in Confluence 4.0, along with instructions for migrating macros to Confluence 4.0. Highlights include:

  • Confluence 4.0 will introduce a new editing experience and storage format
  • Macro migration can be done automatically by using PlainTextMacroMigrator or RichTextMacroMigrator
  • Custom migrations can be done by implementing the MacroMigrator interface

Plugins State of the Union – Don Brown

Don gives an overview of the Atlassian plugin framework, shows what’s new, and helps a newcomer to the Atlassian developer ecosystem get started. Highlights include:

  • Additions and customizations to Atlassian products take many forms: REST clients, gadgets, and plugins
  • Plugins can be installed with a single click in most cases with the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM)
  • An entire team at Atlassian supports the plugin dev platform
  • Web resource contexts let a developer change any UI aspect, allowing you to inject JS and/or CSS on any page or set of pages
  • Plugins 2, AUI 3, and REST 2 have all been improved recently to make development easier and smoother

What is DVCS and why it will change the way we work – Jens Schumacher

Jens shows us a head-to-head comparison between Mercurial and subversion, Mercurial being a distributed version control (DVCS) implementation. This talk shows how powerful, enabling, and awesome Mercurial can be. Highlights include:

  • Mercurial can perform merges in constant time, allowing a team to avoid the dreaded subversion merge
  • Branching and tagging are also constant time, allowing release and feature management to happen quickly and easily
  • Each “checkout” is a full instance of the repository, hence the “distributed” nature of DVCS
  • Mercurial is great when multiple features are being developed at once

AtlasCamp 2010: Confluence 4.0 Macro Migration, Plugins 2, and DVCS