Dust off your pup tents — the 3rd annual Atlassian developers’ conference, AtlasCamp 2010, is barely a month away!
After a long, painful, beer-fueled scrivening, we’ve sorted through the avalanche of talk submissions and skimmed the creamiest dollops. We’re now proud to present the agenda for this year! But, what’s that? A topic you want to see covered is not listed there? Let us know if you want to hear about something very close to your needs. We’ll do our best to fit it in.
Also, we’ve set up a collaboration space for you to chat about anything you’d like with other AtlasCamp attendees. Early registrations will also get you a chance to play in our AtlasCamp Game — fun and maybe even prizes await!
Over 20 Atlassians are making the trip from Sydney and San Francisco to bring the latest protips, warnings, and lavish announcements to the Oceano Hotel in lovely Half Moon Bay. We’d love to see you there. Space is filling up quickly! Register today!

AtlasCamp 2010: Coming Soon To A Picturesque Bay Near Us