A few months ago we announced the availability of Jira Studio, which combines Jira, Confluence, Subversion, Fisheye, and Crucible in a single integrated hosted suite. A big part of what makes Jira Studio work is Atlassian’s AppLinks, a series of plugins which tie the applications together and allow for a number of new integration points. We’ve now released this plugin for free for our Jira and Confluence customers – if you’re running a combination of Jira, Confluence, and/or Fisheye/Crucible, please check out the plugins at the links below:
AppLinks documentation
Confluence AppLinks Plugin
Jira AppLinks Plugin
What does AppLinks give you?
First off, it gives you inter-application hyperlinking with a common link syntax. Once AppLinks is configured, you can type a Jira issue key (ex. BUG-123) in any Confluence page/comment and it will render as a link once the page/content has been saved – no need to enter the full URL. Along the same lines, referencing a wiki page using format [space key:page] in a Jira ticket will automatically render it as a link, again with no need to enter the full URL of the Confluence instance. Further, Subversion revisions can also be linked using the same syntax in Jira and Confluence.
Second, and perhaps even more importantly, AppLinks provides ecosystem awareness. This means that because each Atlassian application is now aware of the other applications, plugins no longer need to be manually configured to provide the URL of the associated instance name, as long as the plugins have been updated to rely on AppLinks. There are two examples of plugins which already do this:
The Jira Fisheye plugin will check for AppLinks, and if AppLinks is configured for a Fisheye instance, will not require further manual setup. The Fisheye plugin gives you visibility into your source repository through Jira – see source and changes in your code at the project and issue level.
The Fisheye plugin in use on a Jira issue
FE Jira.png
The Activity Stream plugin gives the user visibility into activity across applications from the Jira dashboard, and so is an obvious candidate for AppLinks usage. If you’re running Jira/Confluence/Fisheye/Crucible, installing the AppLinks and Activity Stream plugins will let your users track activity for a single project, all projects, or for a given user.
Activity Stream
Going forward, we will continue to expand the uses of the AppLinks plugins, both from an ecosystem perspective (working with plugin developers to build AppLinks reliance into their plugins) and within the products themselves. There are a tremendous number of ways that AppLinks can be leveraged to make Atlassian applications work better together, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.
Interested in learning more? Please follow the links below to the plugin home pages. And if you’d like to take advantage of all the features these plugins have to offer without having to set it up yourself, check out Jira Studio.
AppLinks documentation
Confluence AppLinks Plugin
Jira AppLinks Plugin

AppLinks connects your Atlassian applications