Running a large, public instance of Confluence can be a challenge in one respect: dealing with spam. Spammers are constantly looking for any indexed site from which they can squeeze another ounce of Google-juice. We’ve been dealing with this problem for a while. We released the CAPTCHA feature for Confluence back in 2.2. And we recently added a new plugin to the Confluence Plugin Library that adds another tool to your spam-prevention tool box.
The bigger your wiki, the harder it is to monitor. In the ideal situation, all users have the ability to add or remove content, and so the community can police itself. Anyone who sees spam or vandalism can fix it then and there.
But sometimes you’re not able to give full access to all users, thus preventing the users from doing the cleanup directly. But with the new Mark for Review plugin, you can harness the many eyes of your users to spot bad content and flag it for review by a trusted moderator.
The Mark for Review plugin creates a new tab on every page called “Review”, and any user who has permission to see the page can flag that page as needing attention.

Those messages are collected in the space admin section for a moderator to review.

The moderator can then take whatever action is required: deleting offending content, correcting facts, or removing spam. What’s more, admins can use this feature for purposes beyond just flagging inappropriate content: ask your users to highlight good content, suggest when content should be moved, or when some page needs to be expanded.
Download the Mark for Review plugin here, or use the Plugin Repository to install it.

Another tool in the toolbox