trophy.jpgNot since Jefferson Airplane rocked out in Golden Gate Park in 1969 has there been this much buzz in San Francisco. Well, almost.
Today at Atlassian Summit we announced the winners of the 2010 Charlie Awards, our “best of” customer awards.
The “You’ve Got Issues” Award: Most Innovative Use of Jira goes to… Motorola.
Jira with Eclipse/Mylyn as a Training Tool at Motorola. They made their dev tools into a training solution with integrations: Eclipse with Mylyn preserves task context, Jira shares it to ‘spread the knowledge.’ Jira issues assigned to a developer appear as Mylyn tasks inside Eclipse. They then added something novel: using Eclipse/Mylyn/JIRA as a training tool. They created Jira Issues for each of the primary verbs of our system and created Mylyn contexts for those verbs. At this point any developer can activate that Jira issue from within their Eclipse workspace, load the context defined by someone else, and end up with an Eclipse workspace populated with only the relevant files and methods to learn about the domain verb. They now have a task-based training library stored in Jira! No special schema or workflow is necessary!
The “Edit This” Award: Best Use of Confluence goes to… University Health Network.
Considered one of Toronto’s top employers, UHN is a teaching hospital that has been serving their community for 200 years. The Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons (ABJS) was the lead sponsor of Orthopaedia — a comprehensive medical knowledge base for practitioners and researchers in Orthopaedics. Orthopaedia applies semantic technologies to automatically and contextually integrate information from a variety of sources, such as National Library of Medicine, vendor device catalogs, medical literature publishers, etc. The foundation of this medical knowledge base is a rich set of vocabularies and taxonomies specific to a practice, in their case, Orthopaedics, which provides practitioners and researchers with contextually rich information in the wiki — making Orthopaedia one of the most powerful medical knowledge sources. The information represented in Orthopaedia will also be integrated with Electronic Health Records, Biomedical Research as well as Clinical Trials.
Menage a Trois Award: Best Use of 3 or more Atlassian Tools goes to… iContact.
Their entire CI infrastructure and system is based around the interaction of Jira, GreenHopper, Confluence, Fisheye and Bamboo. They use the Jira issue keys as the name for their Subversion branches, the VM machine environments and as the key to passing information between various Atlassian products. The workflow goes something like this: A Jira story is created and then moved to “in progress” within GreenHopper. Using the listener system and some custom plugins we automatically create at least five virtual machines, a software repository, 12 different svn repository branches and at least 15 Bamboo build plans — all automatically, all keyed and tied to the initial Jira ticket. When they deploy software the deployment system blogs the deployment log to that environment’s space in confluence. Appropriately for this award, iContact reports that they, “… made CI sexy.” No doubt!
Unfortunately, there were no entries for the X-files award this year.
Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that submitted an entry for this year’s awards. The Charlies will be back at Summit next year!

Announcing the 2010 Charlie Award winners