Twas the day before Summit…
By now you’ve hopefully heard about Summit 2010, our annual user extravaganza, held in San Francisco, June 9-11. Summit is a deep-dive on all things Atlassian – an opportunity for our customers to hear from us on the latest and greatest, meet and learn from each other, and generally have a great time together.
One thing that’s different about Summit this year is that we’ve sold more than 40,000 Starter Licenses – $10 licenses we offer to help small teams and companies (and children in the developing world through charitable donations made from each purchase to Room to Read). We wanted to do something special to celebrate the startups and teams “starting up” using our products, so we pulled together a special warm-up event for Summit 2010 called Starter Day.
A Celebration of “Starting Up”
Starter Day is a celebration of building great companies. We’ve assembled founders and executives from six kick-ass technology companies – Redfin, Boxee, Pandora, Hubspot, Scoutlabs and Aardvark – all customers of ours, to share their experiences around what it takes to make it. Each of these companies is in a different stage of growth, and they each have something unique to share.
The event kicks off at 1pm on Wednesday, June 9, and is held at the hip Intercontinental Hotel. Tickets cost $50/ea, and space is extremely limited (only 150 spots), so get it while you can. More information about the event, plus a link to register, is available at
Oh, and you may notice from the agenda that we’re planning a little surprise. Mums until then though…

Announcing Starter Day: Six Great Companies Share Their Secrets