We have announced the winners of our 4th annual Codegeist competition live on stage at a fantastic Atlascamp yesterday. And now it is time to reveal the results to the rest of the world.

But before we announce the winners, let’s take a quick look at what the contestants were coding for. This years competition had prizes valued at over $54,000 USD up for grabs including $5,000 in cash, a MacBook Pro, an Amazon Kindle, free conference passes and a whole bunch of software from Atlassian and our generous sponsors.

This year, in addition to the Grand Prize, we’ve divided Codegeist into four categories.

  • Best Cross-product Integration
  • Best Theme
  • Most elegant use of Javascript
  • OpenSocial Gadget

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Category Winners

Best Cross-product Integration

And the prize for best cross-product integration goes to Bob Swift and his Atlassian Command Line Interface. His command line interface (CLI) allows for remotely accessing Atlassian products. This provides a convenient way to automate administration tasks and content for Atlassian products.

Best Theme

The prize for the best theme goes to Lukas Karrer and Thomas Botton and their Confluence Intranet Theme. The theme is designed for more hierarchically structured content (as found in intranets) and makes content easier accessible via a menu based navigation.

Most elegant use of Javascript

The most elegant use of Javascript was demonstrated by David Chui and his Confluence Page History Slider. It allows users to visualise differences between historical versions of a page in full rendered view utilising a slider interface to quickly navigate between versions.

Best OpenSocial Gadget

The best OpenSocial Gadget was submitted by Ross Rowe. His Sonar Gadget plugin provides a set of gadgets that integrate Sonar information within a Jira dashboard. By incorporating one or more gadgets that display the code quality metrics within a Dashboard next to your Bamboo builds, Jira issues and other information, all the members of your team can quickly get a picture as to how your project is travelling.

The Grand Prize

2nd Prize

The 2nd Prize this year goes to Ferenc Kiss and the Confluence Archiving Plugin. This plugin helps you to keep your content fresh and relevant. It archives pages that have not been updated for a long time or have been labeled with archive. Additionally, it sends emails to the author and contributors of a page when it is about to expire.

1st Prize

And the winner of this years Codegeist Grand Prize is… Jamie Echlin and the Jira Behaviours Plugin. The behaviours plugin allows an administrator to create one more or behaviours, which can be thought of as “Behaviour Schemes”. A behaviour defines how fields behave. Some examples of behaviours are:

  • Making a field mandatory depending on other data entered in to the form
  • Making a field read-only dependent on user role or group
  • Doing server-side validation of field data, before the form is submitted
  • Setting a field value dependent on other form data

Congratulations to all winners from all of us here at Atlassian!


Plugin Developers

A big thank you to all contestants this year! Codegeist IV had an amazing number of great entries and we hope you had as much fun writing the plugins as we had exploring all the cool functionality you guys added to our products. You guys rock!


Our sincere thanks to Balsamiq, Gliffy, InfoQ, JetBrains, O’Reilly, Sysbliss, and YourKit.


And the winners of Codegeist IV are…