Here’s what a couple of other people have been writing about Jira lately.
First up, Julien Ponge writes about using Git & Jira together to handle patches:

So here is how it goes for those cases: I create a branch for each pending patch. The naming convention that I use is damn impressive: pending/JIRA-ID. Say that I need to work on IZPACK-163: I create a branch called pending/IZPACK-163.

Julien is writing primarily about managing an Open Source project in his post, but his advice is useful to anyone who needs to deal with patches that don’t get shipped out right away.
Next, Jamie Echlin gives a couple ways to set Jira issue security level by issue type

It’s not possible in Jira to create an Issue Security Scheme by issue type. For instance, you may want that defects should default to Private, and enhancements should default to public (or none). You might expect that issue type security scheme would be a mapping of issue types to issue security schemes (in the same way as Field Configuration Schemes), but unfortunately not. There are two ways to get round this, one using Javascript, one with a post-function.

Jamie writes about Jira quite a bit at, so be sure and check the whole thing out.

What have you been reading lately?

A Couple of Jira Blog Links