Summit 2010 is just around the corner, and we are full-swing in planning to make this year’s event even better than last. As with any event planning, there are deadlines. The most important deadline coming up is the Call for Speakers submissions on 1 Mar.
In last month’s newsletter, I asked the question “what would you like to see or learn if you were to attend Summit?” I got 22 responses, and they are so good, we wanted to share them all with you. So, if you want to come to Summit for free, think you might speak, but don’t have a topic, browse through these ideas to get your creative juices flowing and submit your topic:
1. Training that includes all the macros that come with Confluence. Different and creative ways of using Confluence on the most basic level without a bunch of plugins.
2. See more possibilities and examples with integration of Crowd, Confluence and Jira. Learn more about performance optimisations in large instances of Confluence and Jira in particular.
3. Deployment success stories.
4. Success stories and how Jira has streamlined company processes.
5. Last year I placed my focus on Confluence. I’ve convinced my University that Jira was the way to go to replace our current work order tracking system, so this year I’d like to see a lot of information surrounding that.
6. Practical ways of using the Atlassian portfolio in ways Atlassian did not imagine.
7. Case Studies – how Jira, Bamboo and the rest of the Atlassian tools have been deployed in different organizations.
8. How others use Jira and other Atlassian tools, best practices and use cases.
9. Instalation and customization for Jira in the enterprise. Possibilities for use in NGO organizations – especially free editions, licensing etc. Jira in virtual, hosted environments with SaaS.
10. Closer look at Atlassian products.
11. Best practices around using the products in different verticals. I can use wordpress for more than a blog, what can I use the Atlassian products for?
12. To get new ideas from speakers ask partners about Atlassian product usage.
13. How to maximize the use of a wiki and how to organize your wiki to allow your users to quickly find the information they need.
14. Advanced Jira and Confluence workshops.
15. I’m interested in integration of Atlassian products and plugin development.
16. I would like to see/learn how to implement the full suite of Atlassian tools in our development team. It would be great to get a case study/example of someone else (maybe Atlassian) doing this and how the processes/workflows go. All the way from requirements gathering/idea generation in Confluence, ticket creation/prioritization/planning in Jira, development workflow in Jira and integration with Crucible/Fisheye/Bamboo, etc.
17. Confluence roadmap – what’s planned for future releases? Success stories, different use cases. Upgrade advice for moving to the latest version of Confluence – how much testing do other customers do?
18. How Atlassian’s culture as a company is reflected in the end results – the products.
19. Jira plugin development, integration of Jira and Confluence and how other people are using the apps (live demos would be nice 😉
20. More tips and tricks for Jira 4.0
21. How the tools work together, reviews of newest and planned features for Confluence and Jira, and sessions about how other users use the tools.
22. How I might engage my company to use Atlassian tools to do more than just software tracking.

22 Topic Ideas for Summit 2010 Presentations