What a feeling to be standing on stage once again. This year’s TEAM, we’re coming to you live from Vegas or via our digital experience for those watching along from your office or living room. Thank you to you, our customers and partners, for taking the time out of your day wherever you may be to connect with us. The Atlassian community has never been stronger.

In this year of great change, Atlassian customers rely on our products and practices more than they ever have. And in order to unleash the potential of your teams, we need to first unleash the potential of ours.

Through living out TEAM Anywhere, our footprint – and therefore our culture – has taken on a completely different shape. Almost a third (30%) of our people globally now live two or more hours from an office. This jumps to 47% for new hires between Feb 2021 to Feb 2022, talent we wouldn’t have been able to tap into a year ago. Because of TEAM Anywhere, our vision for the future of work is much clearer and more defined than ever before.

We’re excited to be announcing new products and features that help you – our customers – navigate the future of modern teamwork.

Introducing Atlas and Compass – the latest and greatest products from the Atlassian family!

  • Atlas is the first teamwork directory to connect the dots across teams, their apps, and work – wherever it happens. It drives alignment by facilitating the open sharing and communication of context about our work – not just within teams, but across teams.
  • Compass unlocks incredible efficiencies and shared understanding for your software teams. It helps them overcome the complexity of distributed software architectures by bringing disconnected information about their software systems and the teams collaborating on them together in one place.

We’re also showcasing more of our Atlassian platform power, including our brand new data lake and analytics capabilities and deep integrations with other SaaS products. You can hear more about this in our opening keynote.

We’re proud as punch to be sharing the hard work of all Atlassians this year. We hope you enjoy the show and continue to lean on us to unleash your teams’ potential.

Mike & Scott

Viva Las Vegas… and Team ’22!