It continues to be a difficult social and political climate.

Personally, Scott and I strongly disagree with many of the decisions made in the first week by President Trump, especially those that violate Atlassian’s values and commitment to openness, inclusion, diversity, and acceptance.

I believe President Trump’s recent executive order to ban all refugees, visa and green card holders across seven countries (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen) from entering the U.S. or traveling abroad is an affront to our personal and company values, an affront to the founding principles of the United States, and should be an affront to any loving human being.

I’m an immigrant. I’m a human being. And to use an Australian-ism, “this is just #@!%ing wrong.” I believe it’s important to stand up and speak out when something is not OK. This is very clearly not OK.

Many of us have friends and family members who are or could be affected in the future by this executive order, not to mention the heavy emotional toll associated with such fear and uncertainty. Know that our commitment to you is unwavering and that we will do everything possible to support you.

Scott and I shaped Atlassian to mirror our own beliefs – to build a company that is open, inclusive, fair, and just. That’s what we will continue to champion for Atlassian and it’s also what we want for the world. Atlassian is a team that is open to everyone. We believe the highest impact teams are those with the most diverse perspectives. We will continue to build our teams with people who live these values, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or other personal characteristic.

Whilst we can’t always predict what will happen in the future, we can always choose how we act and support each other. We all have outlets for taking action around what we believe. We can always stand up and say loudly if something is unjust, and work to make it right.

Change comes from your voices (and mine). I encourage you to express them. Using your voice to advocate for others – especially those whose voice is silenced or marginalized – is the essence of playing as a team.

Your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…