Our mission is to help every team – from startup to enterprise, HR to design, and everything between – unleash their full potential. At Atlassian, we’re constantly looking for fun ways to meet our customers face-to-face to hear their stories and share new ways we’re helping teams work better together.

We’re excited to announce the first-ever, Atlassian Team Tour! A new event that brings the latest in product announcements and team practices to your city. Read on for more details.

What will Team Tour cover?

Our 10-stop tour around the world features two legs, each with a different program.

  • Team tools and practices
  • Attendees in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. will spend the day exploring exciting announcements and new features, watch live demos, and connect with teams in the community. These are unique, one-day only events that are custom-tailored to the city we’re hosting in.

  • Future of teamwork
  • The world’s top companies in the future will be built around a culture that encourages collaboration, transparency, and free flowing information. Atlassian’s goal is to help all teams thrive in this new world. At “The Future of Teamwork” in Sydney and New York City, attendees will discover how to build a culture of innovation reinforced by core values and beliefs around open work.

What can you expect?

  • Share ideas and stories
  • We’re here to listen. Meet with Atlassians and share the innovative ways you use Atlassian tools. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other teams like yours right in your community. Discuss what’s working, what can be improved, and learn best practices.

  • Scale with strategy
  • Get insights on scaling Atlassian products and agile practices in your growing organization from the pros. Learn how to augment software and tools with practices and processes to make your team successful.

  • Build stronger teams
  • Discover how to track your team’s health and meaningfully challenge and improve the way your teams get work done with the Atlassian Team Playbook.

How can you attend?

Just what we were hoping you’d ask! To see the complete list of stops, click the big green button below. And make sure to check back for updates on agendas, speakers, and session announcements. See you on the road!

Atlassian Team Tour 2018

The Atlassian Team Tour