Today, we are excited to announce that Atlassian has acquired Optic, an API documentation and management tool that makes it easy for developers to publish accurate API docs, avoid breaking changes, and improve the design of their APIs.

Optic will be integrated into Compass, Atlassian’s developer experience platform. This empowers Atlassian to provide every engineering organization with native API documentation and governance directly in Compass.

Compass + Optic = comprehensive developer experience platform

Adding Optic to Compass will accelerate our ability to empower engineering teams and improve productivity by helping developers to find the documentation they need and ship faster.

Optic created industry leading open source tools for working with OpenAPI, helping many enterprises to start working API-first. This problem has only become more important as engineering organizations shift towards distributed microservices.

Optic leverages the OpenAPI specification to automatically track API changes from developer’s continuous integration (CI) pipeline. This keeps documentation up to date, prevents breaking changes, and makes sure developers have visibility of changes that affect them.

Put together, this provides a great foundation for how developers can understand and use documentation across their company. With Compass and Optic, developers will be able to:

  • Detect and organize API documentation: Optic will find OpenAPI documentation in your code and publish it to Compass. When APIs change, their API consumers will get notifications within Compass.
  • Improve your APIs: Optic will help teams adopt common sets of standards for design, security, and stability. Their API quality and stability with be tracked alongside your other scorecards.

Empowering engineers and inspiring productivity

In recent years, Atlassian has doubled down on our investments in developer experience, particularly with Compass, Atlassian’s new developer experience platform. Gartner predicts that 75% of enterprises with platform teams will adopt an internal developer platform by 2025. Today, thousands of engineering organizations worldwide, including companies such as Boden, Dropbox, KFC UK&I, and ExpressVPN, use Compass to track all software services and systems, improve software health and engineering standards, and create a better developer experience. Learn more about Compass today.

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Welcoming Optic, an API documentation and management tool, to Atlassian