Greetings, readers! As part of overhauling the Atlassian Blog, we’ve moved our RSS feeds away from Feedburner – an open source system that was deprecated years ago. If you’d like to keep getting posts via RSS, please switch your subscription to this feed:

What’s happening with the legacy RSS feeds?

In short, nothing. If you’ve ever worked with deprecated systems, you know what a “joy” they can be. Case in point: shutting down the Feedburner feeds isn’t feasible, for technical reasons I won’t bore you with. So we’re not deleting them, but will not be supporting them either. The best thing to do is delete your old Feedburner RSS, and re-subscribe using the new feeds.

Thank you to all our subscribers, whether you subscribe via RSS or email. We’re honored to be invited into your inboxes, and hope that each post delivers information you can put to use. And if we don’t deliver on that promise, let us know. Tweet to @Atlassian and tell us how we can improve.

Here’s to unleashing more of your team’s potential!

A message to our RSS subscribers