Despite myriad advances in workplace technology, we’re still forming teams the old fashioned way. We pour over org charts. We obsess about bringing the right blend of skills and view points to the table. And we do it all from the top down. 

Until today.

The new way to create teams

Teamder™ is revolutionizing the workplaceThis April 1st we are thrilled to launch Teamder™, the newest member of the Atlassian family and inspired by our pals at Tinder. Using Tinder’s innovative swipe-right/swipe-left technology, teams can self-organize not only around their workload, but around the composition of the team itself.

Research shows that teams are 67% more productive and up to 88% happier when formed at the grassroots level. The sense of agency Teamder™ provides is just one more way Atlassian is unleashing the potential in every team – starting with our own teams. And it’s working.

For example, our designers used to get bogged down in discussions about line weight, icon placement, user interface layouts… you name it. But now that they are forming their own project teams, it’s nothing but smooth sailing.

A senior graphic designer in our San Francisco office had this to say: “We used the self-selecting team approach to form the design team for the Teamder™ app. We were able to crank everything out in less than a month, and we had a blast. Working with my chosen teammates is so much fun, because everyone else thinks and acts just like me. What could possibly go wrong?”

How it works

Building a team with Teamder™ is easy, and uses mechanics that anyone with a smart phone is already familiar with. Simply browse available co-workers in your company, and swipe right to invite someone to join your team.

It starts by downloading the Teamder™ app on your phone (available for both Android and iOS). Then create a profile with your name, photo, skills, and a message that potential teammates will see when they’re checking you out.

Now you’re ready to form a team. You can search Teamder™ for specific people at your company who you’d like to invite. Or, you can scroll through your company’s entire collection of people on Teamder™. When you find that perfect teammate, simply swipe right to invite them onto your team.

If you think someone may be a good match, but just aren’t sure yet, Teamder’s™ integration with Hipchat makes it easy to get more information. Start a Hipchat conversation with them right from the Teamder™ app and connect instantly for an impromptu interview. You get all the benefits of in-depth interviewing without them even realizing what’s going on.

Of course, some matches burn down quickly – even matches made on Teamder™. But not to worry: if a team member isn’t working out, simply swipe left to kick them off your team.

Swipe right on Teamder™ today

At Atlassian, we believe teamwork shouldn’t feel like “work”. And thanks to Teamder™, it doesn’t have to.

Thanks to Teamder™, teamwork doesn’t have to feel like “work” any more.

In today’s culture of employee choice – PPO, or HMO? Standing desk, or no desk at all? – it only makes sense that workers should be able choose their teammates as well. We hope you’re as excited as we are about Teamder™ and look forward to having you with us as we revolutionize the way teams work (again). Happy swiping!

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