Gone are the days when digital transformation was an option for companies. It’s now a requirement.

Many successful digital organizations rely on Jira to empower autonomous agile teams. As these organizations grow and progress with agile, they face new complexity and barriers to collaboration, which are only magnified at scale.

We know loads of time is wasted collecting status updates across hundreds of agile teams, getting unstructured snapshots of capacity, and trying to measure value generation. These challenges require a different set of tools – ones that give leaders critical visibility and allow them to adapt in a timely way.

We’ve heard from our enterprise customers that these problems are really hard to tackle – and they need our help along the way. That’s why we’re excited to share we’ve entered into an agreement to acquire AgileCraft, a leader in enabling scaled agile transformations. Many Atlassian customers, including AT&T, Anthem, NCR, TIAA, and Duke Energy trust AgileCraft to scale their teams’ agile practices.

AgileCraft: Scaling agile to drive outcomes in the digital enterprise

AgileCraft brings together the teamwork happening across an organization into an all-encompassing view that connects strategy, work, and outcomes. And because large-scale technology initiatives are increasingly complex, this visibility, context, and alignment are essential.

AgileCraft navigates this complexity and helps organizations to scale agile by unifying and synchronizing the work happening across programs and portfolios for a clear executive-level view. At the same time, agile teams can continue to use their preferred tools, like Jira and Trello, to move quickly and deliver the best customer outcomes. AgileCraft also supports another key variable in the scaled agile equation—proven frameworks that can be customized to meet each organization’s needs. AgileCraft supports SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, and a number of other scaled agile frameworks.

The rich information summarized in AgileCraft provides teams with greater situational awareness, including strategic context that helps everyone understand shifts in priorities in real time. With AgileCraft, leaders can examine their entire business to assess where they should be making strategic bets, like adding 10% more funding to a mobile project that’s showing strong initial results, or dialing back on an integration initiative that’s not generating the forecasted customer value.

Unlocking the potential of teams at enterprise scale

Thousands of customers have trusted Atlassian to provide the tools and practices to transform software development and embrace agile in all of its forms. Adding AgileCraft to our existing family of agile products increases the breadth and depth of agile teams we can support. We’re committed to supporting you at each stage on your agile journey; whether it’s a single team using Jira Software to get aligned and track progress; Portfolio for Jira for cross-project visibility; or AgileCraft to help connect company strategy to customer outcomes. Together, Atlassian and AgileCraft provide a unified solution for team-level and enterprise-level agile, with tools that are beloved by development teams and able to scale to meet the diverse needs of enterprise organizations.

On behalf of all Atlassians and our customers, we’re thrilled to welcome the AgileCraft team to Atlassian. We will continue to offer AgileCraft as a standalone service as we work together to build solutions that can unlock the potential of teams at scale.

To learn more about AgileCraft and Atlassian’s plans for Agile at Scale, don’t miss out on Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas! We’ll see you there.

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Special thanks to Sarah Goff-Dupont for her contribution to this article.

Atlassian to acquire AgileCraft to scale agile to the enterprise