These days, many of us rely on teaching ourselves new skills. Whether it’s a Google search, YouTube videos, or word-of-mouth, we’re accustomed to figuring it out as we go. A lot of times, this works just fine, like if you’re learning how to change the battery on your car or how to perfectly poach an egg.

However, teaching yourself only goes so far, especially when you’re using software that has hundreds of features, automations, and customizations to discover. That’s why we offer Atlassian University. There’s no better way to get the biggest bang for your buck than by giving yourself and your team the skills to use Atlassian products to their fullest potential.

With Atlassian University, you can take your knowledge and skills to the next level with official Atlassian training, certification, and thought leadership resources. Our product experts have developed a series of courses to help you explore and apply the latest Atlassian features and industry best practices and ultimately be more successful with the products you rely on.

So, how do you want to learn? You can quickly become an Atlassian power user with hands-on training via live or recorded instructor-led classes and self-paced tutorials, offered on the individual and team level.

Here’s a high-level overview of our different programs to help you choose the best option for you and your teams.


In-person training

We offer on-site training for you and your team and we’re already packing our bags!

Economical. You save as much as 50% per student when you purchase a company class.
Convenient. You help select dates and times that are most convenient for your group.
Focused. With only people from your company in the class, the issues and questions are relevant to your business use.

Online training

We’ve got you covered with live, online classes for individuals and teams.

Interactive. Students have direct interaction with Atlassian Authorized Instructors.
Virtual. You can join from anywhere without the hassle and expense of travel.
Convenient. Class times are offered at easy times for users all over the world.

Pre-recorded tutorials

Pause, resume & replay at your convenience with pre-recorded, instructor-led courses.

Flexible. Log on anytime, day or night, and study according to your schedule.
Available. You’ll get 30-day access to instructor-led modules and lab demos.
Engaging. Get hands-on exercises and product labs to apply what you’re learning to your own Atlassian products.

Boost your skills


For everyday product help and tips, check out these free resources:

Product documentation – Set up guides, how-tos, and the nitty gritty details of all the Atlassian products.

Atlassian Answers – Our customer-led community for asking any questions you may have (and answering other’s questions, too!)

Blog – Subscribe to get product updates, tips and tricks, and interesting industry perspectives delivered to your email.

Atlassian User Groups – Join a meet-up of Atlassian users in your city to share best practices and tips & tricks over free food and drink.


atlassian-certified_acp-300x300If you’re already a power user, become Atlassian Certified.

Atlassian Certifications and Badges demonstrate your superior expertise with Atlassian products. Getting certified will enhance your credibility, sharpen your performance, and help you deliver world-class Atlassian experiences to teams everywhere. Learn more about the Atlassian Certification Program here.

Getting more out of your Atlassian products...