Atlassian and Chartio ogos on a blue background

We are thrilled to announce that Atlassian has acquired Chartio, a cloud-based visualization and analytics solution, based in San Francisco and Blacksburg, Virginia. We’re excited for Chartio to help us provide data visualization across Atlassian products.

Atlassian products are home to a treasure trove of data, and our goal is to unleash the power of this data so our customers can go beyond out-of-the-box reports and truly customize analytics to meet the needs of their organization. Chartio is an important component of this vision as it will serve as our new analytics and data visualization engine across our products, starting with the Jira family.

“Chartio was created to make working with data accessible to anyone,” said Dave Fowler, Chartio’s Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to be joining Atlassian and amplify our missions with such an incredible platform, company, and customer base.”

As we work to integrate Chartio into the Atlassian platform, our north star is to centralize and connect data across our products and third-party tools to surface unique insights to teams and drive them to act. Chartio has built a feature-rich, easy-to-use product, and their outstanding culture and relentless customer focus will play a key role in furthering the opportunity to unleash the potential of data for every team.

Announcing our acquisition of Chartio