Incident response is a team sport, and customer support is an integral part of any team. While Ops is working hard to solve the problem at hand, support is on the front lines communicating with customers. Proactive support ensures that even the worst incident can be a good customer experience — but only if the right people, processes, and tools are in place.

Statuspage lets you easily communicate incidents to your customers. But even though customers can subscribe to notifications regarding the parts of your service they care about, you don’t want to solely rely on customers choosing to visit or subscribe to your page.  By integrating Statuspage with the support tools your team already relies on, you can expand the reach of your communications to ensure customers are never left in the dark.

Enter: our brand new set of Zendesk integrations!

Thousands of companies rely on Zendesk to deliver great customer experiences. With our new Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat integrations, you can display current system status so your support team is aware of ongoing incidents and your customers are proactively kept informed. Being transparent about your incidents will reduce your customer support burden and build trust.

Zendesk Support + Statuspage

Once you integrate Statuspage with Zendesk Support, you’ll see a Statuspage icon in the top right nav bar of your Zendesk Support workspace. When an active incident or scheduled maintenance has been posted to your status page, it will be indicated with a badge displaying the number of open incidents/maintenances.

Support agents can click into this icon for more details about a given incident, and will have the option to navigate to the overall status page or the specific incident posting for more details.

Support agents can stop wasting time copying and pasting status information into tickets, and can rest assured they’re passing on the most accurate and up-to-date information to customers. With the Statuspage integration, agents can post current status information into a ticket comment with the click of a button.

Zendesk Chat + Statuspage

If you also use Zendesk Chat to communicate with customers, you can pipe the current status directly into your chat widget. Similar to the “Add to comment” button above, agents will be able to do this with an “Add to chat” button. Customers can click over to the status page to get more information and subscribe to updates to stay in the loop all the way through resolution.

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Incidents happen, and it’s how you respond that matters most. Start building trust and providing excellent customer experiences — even during downtime — with the new Zendesk + Statuspage integrations. These integrations are currently part of an Early Access Program. Take them for a spin by requesting access here.

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