boxes pilled up with clouds in sight

Atlassian recently announced some big changes to our server and data center products as a part of our acceleration to cloud. We’ve been focusing on improving our cloud products and ecosystem offerings for several years, investing in a new cloud platform for apps, improving app security, and working with partners to bring more apps to cloud. Many customers depend heavily on third-party apps, and some can’t use their Atlassian products without them. Others need additional provisions for those apps, like data residency or certain compliance certificates. And yet, some customers are ready to make the move to cloud or Data Center but still have questions about the migration process. Here, we’re shedding light on many of those questions.

What will happen to server apps between now and server end of support in Feb. 2024?

We want to be perfectly clear: your server apps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re currently a server customer with apps and want to continue using them, you may do so for the next four years. Here’s a timeline of Marketplace milestones over the next several years.

Are my server apps available in cloud or Data Center?

13 popular server apps now available in cloud

Atlassian has been working hard to expand our cloud APIs, and since the beginning of this year, we’ve added over 450 new cloud apps to the Atlassian Marketplace. It’s important to recognize that the cloud and server versions of Atlassian products are different. Since cloud editions and Data Center offer different functionality, the capabilities you’ve relied on may now be native in the cloud or Data Center version of the product, in which case an app would no longer be needed.

If that’s not the case for you, know that we’re working hard to bring more server apps to cloud. As of today, of the 100 most popular server apps, 68 are available on cloud, and 9 have their functionality included in cloud editions of their associated base products. This also remains a focus area for Atlassian and we are working with app developers in order to unlock more apps for cloud in the future.

Can I migrate my apps and their data?

Atlassian has developed the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant app and the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, which walk customers through the migration process. Both of these Marketplace apps help you assess the apps installed on your server or Data Center instance and determine which ones you’ll need to migrate to cloud. Additionally, each app may offer a different migration path – some offer automated migration, while others require a manual process. We’re committed to making it as easy as possible to migrate app data, and we’re developing APIs that will allow for more apps with automated migration paths through the Cloud Migration Assistants. For a full list of apps with a cloud migration path, review our list or contact your app vendor to understand what their current process is.

Cloud is not ready for me today. What investments are you making to suit my needs?

How Atlassian is shaping the security of our cloud ecosystem

We understand that not all sever customers are ready to make the move to cloud or Data Center – and that’s okay. In the coming months and years, we will continue to invest in both cloud and Data Center as destinations for server customers, along with our app ecosystem. We’re continuously improving our cloud ecosystem based on user feedback, and are dead set on resolving customers’ concerns about moving to cloud.

App Availability and Migration

  • Since the beginning of the year, we’ve added over 450 new cloud apps to the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • We’ve expanded cloud APIs and are working closely with Marketplace Partners to make server apps available in the cloud. IN PROGRESS
  • We continue to work with Marketplace partners to create more migration paths between server and cloud apps. IN PROGRESS

App Security and Compliance

  • We’ve instituted a new Marketplace Bug Bounty program for additional levels of cloud security. DONE
  • We’re adding automatic app vulnerability scanning for top security vulnerabilities. IN PROGRESS
  • We introduced Forge – Atlassian’s new serverless app platform. Write an app in minutes while the platform takes care of security, computing, and storage. EAP

App Data Residency

  • We will allow enterprise-ready apps to dictate where app data will reside. IN PROGRESS

We understand that our server announcement is a big change for many of our customers. In the next few years, we’ll keep investing in our cloud ecosystem to ensure it is ready for every customer. Together with our Marketplace partners, we will continue to bring more server apps to cloud, make the transition to cloud easier, and improve our app security and compliance along the way.

What our server changes mean for our ecosystem