Summon Trello’s superpowers to add even more flexibility and functionality to your boards. 

We have appropriately named these superpowers ‘Power-Ups’, and with over 150 Power-Ups in our library, we initially felt compelled to sing from the rooftops and share with you some of our favorite ones!

When we tried that, we only yielded neighborhood complaints.

Though we may pause on the singing, we do think we can share some of our favorite Power-Ups with the world through the power of music.

Join us in this medley and dance through the powerful and wonderful world of Trello Power-Ups. Listed below are some of our most favored among teams—plus, they’re free to use and likely won’t garner any neighborhood stares.

*presses play*


The Choice (And Vote) Is Yours

Like the hip hop duo, Black Sheep, wrote, “You can get with this, or you can get with that” in their 1991 hit song, ‘The Choice Is Yours’. Choose whether you want ‘this’ or ‘that’ with Trello’s voting Power-Up options.

Whether you’re voting for your team’s next activity or the next direction your project is taking, Trello has two options of voting Power-Ups you can choose from:

  1. The classic Voting Power-Up: Easily collect votes on your Trello cards and view the amount of votes a card has gotten at a quick glance. You can see who voted and how in order to make following up easy as pie. This Power-Up is supported on iOS and Android mobile devices.

    image of trello board with voting power-up enabled

  2. The Advanced Voting System Power-Up: All the perks of the Voting Power-Up, but with the capability of providing a summary of how the votes are distributed, being able to vote on multiple options versus on just one card, and much more!

Next time you need to take a vote with your team, keep in mind what Black Sheep said, “I made it look easy, because it is to me” and explore the Voting Power-Up.


Whenever, Wherever, Make Sure You Find Your Way

Getting lost is never a good look—luckily, global superstar, Shakira, has shared with us her words of wisdom via her 2001 megahit song for when we do lose our way.

Whenever, wherever. We’re meant to be together.”

Trello’s Map Power-Up can ensure you’re always in the right spot, whenever or wherever you need some extra navigation. You’ll be able to:

Add a location to a card

View all location based cards on a map

Access and edit cards from the map view

View your current position on the map

Once you enable the Map Power-Up, you’ll see an option to add location details on the right side menu of your card (on your desktop). Simply input the location of your destination and you’ll be able to see a map-view!

image of 2 android phones showing Map Power-Up interfaces 

Whether you’re plotting down addresses for your realty group or simply saving recommendations of places to go, you can now have a map-view and saved addresses all in one place.

GIF of an iPhone screen with the Map Power-Up


Even better: The Map Power-Up thrives on desktop, iOS, and Android!


Costello, No Problems

The billboard hit, Mo Money Mo Problems by legend, The Notorious B.I.G, reminds us all about the trials and tribulations that can happen when you begin amassing wealth. With the Costello Power-Up, keep track of your money with absolutely no problems.

Once the Costello Power-Up is enabled, you’ll be able to open a card and input your cost. The cost will be displayed on the front of your card and a sum of the costs will be displayed in the top right corner of your board.


Keep track of your team’s expenses and budgets, all to no cost to you—the Costello Power-Up is free to use!

Manage Tasks Eight Days A Week

Eight Days A Week is a song written by a band who changed the music industry forever and needs no introduction—we’re going to go ahead and praise them anyways. The Beatles were an English rock band that were arguably the most successful musical act of the 20th century. They made a huge splash in music, film, literature, art, and fashion, and that ripple effect continues to have a lasting influence in today’s culture.

With the Calendar Power-Up, you can manage all eight… erm, seven… days of your week almost as effectively as The Beatles wrote music.

Whether you are planning a virtual conference or managing an editorial calendar, the Calendar Power-Up lets you display cards with due dates in a weekly or monthly calendar view.

Easily prioritize cards by dragging and dropping them on the calendar to automatically update their due dates, and export your Trello calendar to third party apps with an iCalendar link.


Help Your Board Stay Forever Young

Forever Young was written and recorded by the German synth-pop group Alphaville and was originally released in 1984, with many modern renditions and covers being recorded since.

The song is wonderful, however, do you want your tasks to really live forever? This means they’d never be completed, so we’re going to guess, no.

By enabling the Card Aging Power-Up on your boards, you can easily visualize which cards have been gathering dust on your boards and may need your attention. It’s a great way to create a gentle reminder for your teammates when tasks are getting left behind.

When enabled, cards will visibly age with inactivity. There are two modes: “Regular” and “Pirate”. In regular mode, cards become progressively more transparent and “fade out” the longer they remain untouched. In pirate mode, cards will tear, get dark, and crack like an old pirate map.

Here are a few use cases for using this Power-Up:

⭐️ Hold yourself accountable with a New Year’s Resolution board and know which commitments are not getting the attention that they deserve.

✏️ Managers can easily see which tasks are put to the side on the company overview board.

Make sure nothing is being left behind when onboarding your new hire.

Never miss an incoming request on your team’s board.

Card Aging Power-Up On a Trello Board


Choose Between Regular and Pirate Mode


Create Cards Time After Time

Cyndi Lauper is an American singer-songwriter whose songs took over the pop scene in the 1980s, and many of which became today’s classics we all know and love. Girls just wanna have fun, anyone?

Her chart-topping hit ‘Time After Time’ is composed of simple keyboard-synth chords, bright, jangly guitars, and clock-ticking percussion—but lyrically, it’s a love song of devotion.

Allow your Trello boards to express their undying love for managing your tasks by enabling the Card Repeater Power-Up. This feature automates the creation of Trello cards for repeated tasks, giving you one less thing to have to think about.

Simply set the schedule on a card and Trello will automatically make an exact copy of that card at the given date and time. This makes it easy to establish a process for weekly to-dos, retrospectives, end of the month closing out the books, or a reminder to get your mom a birthday present (a true lifesaver).

Card Repeater on Trello Card


And The Grammy Goes To…

If Trello Power-Ups were an album, we think they’d win the Grammy for “Most Productive Album”. With over 150 Power-Ups, we’ve listed out just a few notes—explore the full composition in our Trello Power-Up Library.

From ways to sync your cards to tracking time to opening up maps, there is a Power-Up for any and everything your team may need.

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7 Trello power-ups that will make you sing and dance