We have an amazing community of developers that have built nearly 2,000 add-ons you can find in the Atlassian Marketplace. Once a year these developers get together for a global add-on hackathon called Codegeist.

Codegeist 2015 was one of the most successful Atlassian hackathons ever. We received 140+ submissions – a 50% improvement over the previous competition. We’ve seen a huge demand for cloud based add-ons, so this year we had several prizes just for cloud add-ons.

The competition wrapped up last week, and now we’re thrilled to announce this year’s Codegeist winners.

Best overall add-on

Scrum Poker – Mobile Agile Management


Designed to improve the accuracy and speed of the estimation process. Developers simply submit their vote using the mobile app and the Scrum Master confirms or re-estimates until the story point estimation is agreed. The final result is then automatically inserted into the Jira Agile board.


Popular choice add-on

Lucidchart OnPrem for Confluence Server


Lucidchart OnPrem is built for strict behind-the-firewall requirements. No diagram data ever leaves your Confluence instance. The top tool for flowcharts, process maps, network diagrams, mind maps, UML, ERD, BPMN, org charts, mockups, wireframes and more.


Best newcomer cloud add-on

Presenter for Confluence


Presenter for Confluence turns any Confluence page into a beautiful, clean, and hassle-free slideshow – directly in your browser. All you need to do is hit the “present” button and you’re good to go.


Best Jira Cloud add-on

Retrospective Tools for Jira


Animate the history of a project on an Agile board, analyze historical changes to issues in a project, and view charts and visualizations that help you better understand the performance of your teams.


Best Bitbucket Cloud add-on

Fileviewer for Bitbucket Cloud


File Viewer for Bitbucket Cloud is a tool for viewing files right in Bitbucket without downloading, including 3D models, geographic data structures, PDFs and CSVs.


Best Confluence Cloud add-on

Instant Websites for Confluence


Instant Websites takes a Confluence space and converts it into a slimmed down static website that is mobile-friendly. Every time you update a page or post a blog it will be published to Amazon AWS for immediate consumption by customers.


Best Hipchat add-on

CallCenter for Hipchat


CallCenter for Hipchat allows you to receive and answer phone calls directly within Hipchat. CallCenter for Hipchat utilizes the Twilio® platform to provide support for local, national, mobile and toll-free phone numbers in nearly 50 countries via VoIP.

Check out all the add-ons that participated in Codegeist 2015.

To all developers who participated in Codegeist 2015, thanks for contributing to the Atlassian community!

If you’re interested in learning about building add-ons, future Codegeists, updates, and more, check out our developer blog.


Announcing the Codegeist 2015 winners!