Featured Confluence add-ons: Confluence Diagramming by Creately, Gliffy, Graphviz

PacManGraphMemos, post-its, endless meetings: these are a few of the ways you can slow down team productivity. You’re often much better off communicating ideas quickly and simply with diagrams.

There are several great Confluence add-ons that help you easily create beautiful diagrams, including Confluence Diagramming by Creately, Gliffy, and Graphviz — that are intuitive, fast, and smart. They take care of creating and embedding simple, easy-to-use diagrams, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Take a closer look at these three add-ons to see which one’s right for your team.

  1. Confluence Diagramming by Creately

Creately allows you to add diagrams with just a click and it supports many different types: flowcharts, sitemaps, network diagrams, mind maps, Venn diagrams, and more! Creately gives you the power to embed large diagrams on your Confluence pages, link to other pages, and even use linkable diagrams to create external links. It even allows you to draw diagrams faster by using smart objects and smart shapes. It’s so intuitive that a click or two is all it takes to change key visual elements.

  1. Gliffy

For Atlassian Confluence users, Gliffy is the go-to drawing and diagramming add-on. Gliffy is a fantastic (and affordable!) alternative to the run-of-the-mill (and overly expensive), desktop diagramming tools. Gliffy will work in your web browser, it utilizes a drag-and-drop interface, and it allows you to export your key visual ideas in multiple formats, including: .png, .svg, and .jpeg. Nothing beats communicating your ideas in a sharp, simple, visual manner when you wish to encourage easy and intuitive understanding for your team.

  1. Graphviz

Graph Visualization Software, or Graphviz, uses DOT language to create fantastic flowcharts and amazing diagrams in your Confluence pages. Graphviz offers you a simple, plain-text way to automatically generate and display diagrams. Nothing could be easier! You can save your diagram or flowchart as an attachment, link to pages, and generate a space graph. Finally, you can use the Graph-From-Table Macro to rapidly generate diagrams directly from your Confluence tables.

Collaborating and communicating in a visual manner is often more direct and intuitive. It allows you to get your point across quickly and efficiently. With these three Confluence add-ons (Creately, Gliffy, and Graphviz), you can be creating flowcharts and diagrams more easily than ever. Simplify your life and keep yourself and your team on track.

About these add-ons: Confluence Diagramming by Creately, Gliffy, and Graphviz are add-ons available within the Atlassian Marketplace. These add-ons are designed to increase your creativity and productivity by allowing you to customize and enhance your Atlassian applications. Additional information and other add-ons can be found at https://marketplace.atlassian.com. Looking to build your own add-on? Check out https://developer.atlassian.com to see how.

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