Create visibility into your cloud security landscape with a CASB

The network perimeter IT organizations have traditionally relied on for security has almost entirely disappeared. Businesses are moving their operations to the cloud and more of their employees are conducting remote work and using mobile tools and technologies – security technology must evolve to meet these new challenges and requirements. Organizations are in constant need of new ways to safeguard important information and protect against data breaches, without stifling productivity and collaboration.

According to McAfee, the average enterprise utilizes over 1,400 different cloud services, and while cloud service providers are taking on much of the security responsibility, McAfee has found that a growing percentage of security threats are due to customer missteps like misconfigurations or overly lenient permissions. So customers need to do their part in governing and monitoring cloud usage and activity within their organizations. To solve this problem, enterprises are turning to Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) tools like McAfee MVISION Cloud to effectively monitor and secure cloud applications at scale.

[E]nterprises are turning to Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) tools like McAfee MVISION Cloud to effectively monitor and secure cloud applications at scale.

Today, we’re announcing a collaboration between McAfee and Atlassian to help bring advanced security and threat detection capabilities to Atlassian customers through Atlassian Access and McAfee’s MVISION Cloud solution. Through this integration, customers gain:

  • Centralized visibility into content and user actions across all Atlassian cloud products. With a comprehensive history of activities, you can effectively monitor, investigate, and prevent security threats.
  • Greater ability to protect important Atlassian cloud data wherever it lives. With advanced data loss prevention capabilities, customers can reduce the risk of breaches, information loss, and more.
  • Increased protection from threats such as compromised accounts, insider threats, and other malicious behavior through suspicious activity monitoring.

We are particularly enthusiastic about what this means for our customers who are moving or planning to move to the cloud. We understand that many of our customers have strict policies and requirements when it comes to securing their important data in the cloud. Through Atlassian Access, McAfee MVISION Cloud captures a complete record of login and administrative activity in Atlassian, and leverages machine learning to analyze activity across multiple heuristics to accurately detect threats. All of this results in greater visibility into user and administrator activity, and easy, automatic identification of anomalous behavior.

For a deeper dive into the integration, register for the McAfee webinar on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 10am PDT. You can also learn more about Atlassian Access and McAfee MVISION Cloud at the link below.

Atlassian collaborates with McAfee to provide advanced security capabilities in the cloud