Atlassian has an amazing community of developers that have developed over 2,300 add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace. Once a year, some of these developers get together to compete in Codegeist, our annual global add-on hackathon. This year’s competition had 932 participants, 37 submissions, and 7 winners, whose add-ons we can’t wait to show off. Check it out:

Popular choice

IT documentation, step-by-step tutorials, and technical documentation can be done easier and faster with StepShot for Confluence. This server add-on lets you create documentation in minutes, not hours. How it works is simple: whenever you need to document a software-based process, simply create a new StepShot page in Confluence. Then, do the workflow from the beginning to the very end and StepShot will create the create a screenshot and text instruction on every click. Next, review and edit all captured images, test the workflow once, then save back to Confluence. Voila! Creating documentation has never been so easy.  Try it free today.


Top cloud integration

Workato Integrations for Atlassian by Workato integrates Jira, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, Bitbucket, and Hipchat with thousands of apps to automate your DevOps and ITOps flow. This add-on also enables customers to reach you multiple ways such as through SMS, email, and customer service portals while simultaneously enriching your support tickets with helpful information from CRM apps and resolving tickets faster by adding the relevant article from Confluence. Start integrating for free.workato

Best for business teams

Social Media Managers receive all kinds of customer communications, such as support requests, or sales leads, in Facebook and Twitter. Often these need to be handled by other teams like Support or Sales. What if there was a way to open a ticket directly in Jira Service Desk? Now, with Hootsuite for Jira Service Desk by 6kites, you can. This add-on seamlessly connects your social media team in Hootsuite to your teams using Jira Service Desk. This add-on allows social media managers to act on social media messages by opening issues with sale and support teams without leaving their Hootsuite Dashboard. Try this free cloud add-on.

Please note: You must also install the “Jira Service Desk” application in Hootsuite to use this add-on!


Top software team add-on

This add-on makes planning product roadmaps and keeping stakeholders in the loop E-A-S-Y. As you know, product roadmaps are an essential tool for every product manager. They enable a product manager to communicate the vision and journey a product will take over time, ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page. Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira by Arijea enables product managers to quickly:

  • build a sequential roadmap of epics
  • split epics into swimlanes (called themes)
  • add markers to the roadmap to show events
  • size epics to show how long a chunk of work is estimated to take
  • track progress towards epic completion
  • keep stakeholders appraised of updates

These features make it easy for teams to align around the vision of their product and how they’ll sequence features for delivery to customers. You can try this add-on for server or cloud…for free! Get it now.


Top IT team add-on

It always seems that things catch on fire when we least expect them to. So the next time things get hot and your team has a serious incident, use Automation for Jira Cloud to restore order. This add-on makes it incredibly simple to combine triggers, conditions, and actions to set up powerful automation rules to handle even the most complex scenarios. You are provided with simple building blocks (i.e. add watcher, assign issue, create sub-task, etc.) that you can combine in a lot of powerful ways (think monthly recurring tasks, send SMS for high priority issues, etc.) to create helpful rules for you and your team. Try it for free.


Best newcomer add-on

Do you ever feel like issues aren’t getting to the right people quickly enough? That timely updates aren’t provided and your incident management process is suffering? Take charge and get the right issues to the right people quickly, with Elevator for Jira: Escalate your Issues by Sapling Valley. This add-on delivers an integrated issue escalation experience for Jira: Administrators define and manage on-call rosters, users escalate Jira issues to on-call team members, and email and Hipchat keep everyone up to date. Easily manage on-call rosters, issue escalations, and notifications. Get your issues in the right hands, the first time. Available for free, on server.


Top data center add-on

PII Protector for Jira by Enhancera, LLC is a complete solution for PII protection inside Jira. This add-on monitors sensitive PII (personally identifiable information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, etc.) stored in Atlassian Jira, reports it, provides admins with a convenient UI to manage, audit, or hide and erase it. PII Protector for Jira is aimed to be a complete solution for PII in your organization’s Jira instance. You won’t need to worry about PII leaks or unwarranted access anymore. Try it on server for free.



Thanks to the 900+ participants who joined us for this year’s Codegeist. We look forward to seeing what you come up with next year!

If you’re interested in learning about building add-ons, future Codegeists, updates, and more, check out our developer site.

Announcing the winners of Codegeist 2016